How to overcome a depression

or how to get out of a depression

Is it possible to overcome depression without pills or costly therapies?

Como superar una depresion sin pastillas

The answer is Yes!

You do not need to take pills. What you need is to receive treatment with lasting results. In fact, I have no medical degree, yet after many years of suffering and suffering many of the symptoms of depression, I can say that thanks to this simple system I managed to overcome my depression and my anxiety.

Moreover, I never had any relapse.

Pills are not the solution.

  • Greetings, my name is Rubén Quintas
  • Are you tired of taking pills and feeling worse every day?
  • Are you tired of talking to your psychologist and not see any improvements in your condition?
  • Are you tired of hearing the same words?
  • Do you not just want to close your eyes and sleep in order to espace the hell in which you live?

I understand you. I also used to feel like that.

I spent seven years taking pills every day, visiting psychologists, psychiatrists, and every day that passed by I was getting worse every day, living in a world that nothing around me was real, living in a real nightmare.

I do not know for how long you have been suffering but I am sure that after you read my book and follow my method you will be able to overcome your depression!

You will cure your depression just by following my directions. It is a simple, fast and effective method.

Each day the number of people suffering from depression grows immensily, so it has become a great business, considering the number of drugs which are currently available to treat depression. In fact, antidepressants, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists comprise a global market of over 200 billion dollars annually.

I spent a lot of money on doctors and drugs which were of no real use to me, and I do not want you to be a victim of this business, for no one should benefit from people’s suffering. Therefore, I am glad you found me, because I am quite sure my quick and effective solution will help you to overcome your depression.

How do I know it for sure?

Because I have personally experienced depression and all related to it. Have you consulted any doctor that has experienced depression? Can doctors understand what you are going through if they never experienced it themselves?

I spent seven years suffering, so I looked for information and tested numerous techniques until finally…

Since discovering “the method”, 30 days later I stopped taking
pills and started to truly Feel alive.

During that search, I discovered a simple method to overcome my depression, which I could not believe in at first, for I spent many days doubting and wondering: “Ruben, do you feel well?” That happened because after seven years consulting doctors, I thought that something as simple could not be enough for overcoming my depression. However it did, quickly, easily and effectively so.

The same is happening to many of my readers, and I know that because they send me emails saying that they have finally overcome their depression, and that it is amazing the change they have experienced after applying the method. Actually, it feels like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Stop Depression is a book where I report my experience, and where I explain my method for overcoming depression. I decided to write in order to help people who are suffering from depression, for I know the pain it causes. I want you to be able to feel what I felt when I came out of my personal nightmare.


What do you tink if I showed you a simple, fast and effective method to help you overcome your depression?

By giving you my method, I provide the “key” to your new life, for you will be able to: 

  • Enjoy every day as you did before.
  • Start feeling fulfilled and enjoying the things you do.
  • Have more confidence in yourself.
  • Sleep better and feel more relaxed, with no stress.
  • See life more clearly than ever.
  • Be comfortable with yourself and with other people.
  • Stop having negative thoughts and start having positive ones.
  • Stop anxiety attacks.

Literally, I will give you “my secret to overcome depression”, but I will help you as well, so that you can learn how to apply my methodand get the same results as I have.

I have succeeded, and you can as well!
This book will change your life!

According to figures from the World Health Organization, depression is already the second disease with the highest incidence in the world after cardiovascular diseases.

There are many brands of antidepressants, for instance, the famous Prozac, which can cause adverse reactions such as nausea, headaches, nervousness, insomnia, dizziness, diarrhea, weight loss, tremors and sexual dysfunction.

The problem is that many people are treated but not cured, and the day you stop taking pills you will feel even worse because the problem will still be there.

I read a lot of information about depression, where over 80% of this information focuses on the symptoms and not on the root problem.

como superar la depresionTaking pills to mask symptoms is of no use. The solution lies in knowing why. I have discovered the solution, and you will be surprised to know how I discovered it and removed the root problem.

“If you are looking for the solution to your depression, this book will help you.”

Depression is a state that extends far beyond the normal time. Our overall performance decreases and we are constantly distracted, tired and unable to make decisions.

It is a state where we believe we do everything wrong, where we magnify our mistakes and blame ourselves for everything that is currently happening to ourselves. You even start thinking about the possibility of suicide, and although we fear death, we are fully convinced that the best thing for us is death, including for our beloved ones”.

It is a state where we believe that we are have nothing else to do in this life time, and in order for everyone to feel better, we have to end our lives.

Depression is caused by various hormonal, chemical and genetic factors.

Depression interferes negatively in our daily life. Depression appears for no reason or after a significant event. It feels like a very deep and overwhelming sensation, so much so that you always feel “down,” as if you lost the the pleasure of living. You are incapable of feeling love or affection, which increases your guilt feelings. By the way, you should know that 15% of depressed people commit suicide.

Some depression symptoms:

  • Hypersomnia: Are you always in bed or on the couch sleeping because you think is the best option for escaping the nightmare you live in?
  • Insomnia: Is it hard for you to sleep? Do you wake up at night sometimes feeling afraid the morning will arrive and you will have to face yet another day of suffering?
  • Thought Disorders: Do you feel like you have all the world’s diseases? How often do you focus one or more of your symptoms to your illness? Do you have defeatist ideas, obsessions and strong guilt feelings?
  • Somatic Disorders: Do you have night sweats? Do you get tired faster than before? Do you have insomnia and nightmares?
  • Behavioral Disorders: Do you feel like you are alone? Do you have difficulty in making decisions? Do you feel nervous and restless? Are you looking forward to cry? Are you scared of going crazy or losing complete control?
  • Changes in Appetite and Weight Loss: Do you have difficulty in eating? Have you lost weight? Do you have constipation, diarrhea, indigestion and heartburn? Do you have difficulty in swallowing?
  • Excessive Guilt: Do you feel too much guilt?
  • Suicidal Thought: Do you have an exaggerated concern about death? Do you have auto-destructive feelings? Do you have suicide thoughts?
  • Decreased Energy: Do you feel tired easily, sometimes with variations during the day, but often more pronounced in the morning? Do you want to go to work?
  • Loss of Pleasure: Do you have sexual appetite? Do you feel like doing any activity?
  • Reluctance: Have you lost pleasure in doing things, even in living your life? Do you have faith in the future?
  • Anxiety: Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Do you have shortness of breath? Do you have palpitations?

Do you wake up every morning fearing something might happen to you?
Have you had these symptoms?

If so, the revolutionary method presented in this book will help you overcome your depression without pills or long and costly therapies.

For the doubters, I must say that 9 out of 10 readers of Stop Depression experienced a change in just one month, and after two years they had no relapse and enjoyed everyday of their lives. This book is a powerful tool that will bring hope and healing to anyone who can trust in it.

Let me introduce my method…

I am going to reveal all that I have experienced during my seven long years suffering from depression. You will discover tips and tricks, and I am going to show you some quotes from a journal that I wrote during that time, but mostly the method that will help you overcome your depression within one month.

You will be surprised by how a simple technique achieved such amazing results. Discover how exactly 9 out of 10 customers who apply this method always overcome their depression within two months!
como salir de una depresion

If you are looking for a method that can help you overcome your depression quickly and easily, then let me tell you, you are in the right place!

Finally, a unique method with everything you need to know to start enjoying your life again… Everything is in this book!

Stop Depression is a complete and powerful system that will allow you to overcome your depression once and for all.

You just have to know the correct techniques and exercises, what not to do and when to do it. You will defeat your depression faster than you imagine.

Having said that, let me make something clear…

Stop Depression is not a magic system that was found “overnight”, but is the result of my experience over a period of seven years suffering from depression and anxiety, a period where I have been to many doctors, taken many pills and tried countless therapies and methods, only to finally be able to get the definitive method to overcome depression.

You only have to follow exactly the process described in my book.

On this site I will teach you how you too can overcome depression.

And it is very easy to do!

Overcome your depression forever without relapsing

You will notice that the only difference between people who can overcome their depression and the rest is that the first applied the method correctly. There is no other difference!

So I want to answer to something that you will surely be wondering since you started looking for answers on how to overcome your depression.

salir de una depresion

The mind of a person is composed of experienced memories and situations. However, are we aware of what is going in our mind? From the time we are born and able to develop our senses, we have the ability to store memories and images in our mind. However we often do not remember even half of those memories. We know they feel somewhat familiar, but we cannot associate them with any exact moment of our lives.

There are some ideas or images created by the conscious that are important to you and are suppressed by the “inner self” to be sent to the unconscious. During the day we have many thoughts, some of which we are able to interpret and be aware of them, but others go unnoticed and are automatically passed to the subconscious. At the end of the day, if we stop to think about what happened to us, we will only remember what went through our consciousness, for the images that were recorded in our subconscious will be very difficult to access for us.

If we change our unconscious mind, success will come automatically

Sometimes we dream about things that we cannot explain. While dreaming our mind is no longer controlled by the conscious and we enter in a subconscious world where we live with the ideas and images contained within our mind, namely the subconscious. It is quite possible to dream of things we do not understand. Moreover, everything we dream and impact us often tends to be caused by the subconscious, which is where we generally store our feelings and memories. Even if we make a serious effort to think on what we dreamt, we cannot possibly remember, because those are images and ideas that are contained within our subconscious, and because we did not stop to interpret them, now it is impossible for us to remember them.

The “inner self” is the consciousness. As you can probably see, now you are wondering things yourself. Consider the “inner self” as the person that talks to you and responds to your questions. So today you will try to be the “inner self“, meaning the one that dominates your “outer self”. The purpose is for you to handle your feelings through your thoughts.

Everyone has an unconscious blockage that opposes to what we consciously desire.
superar una depresion

The subconscious plays tricks and always affects the conscious, so if you are not well, it sure is for some idea, thought, desire, or experience that you did not interpret and solved in your conscious, and is now within your subconscious hurting you.

The subconscious mind does not think or reason. It acts instinctively in response to all the images that it has. So we have to change those images in order to control our thoughts and feelings. If we want to overcome depression, the subconscious must be able to continually repeat the image of our desire.

We have to work on this process on a daily base until we are able to transfer into our subconscious mind the clear and precise image of our desire. Throughout the book you will see exercises that are essential to achieve this.


Go back to being the same as once before and enjoy life without pills

There is one key factor that makes the difference between those who pass completely and forever their depression and those who do not. That factor comes when you know the root problem and actually solve it. Afterwards you will have no fear of falling because you have eliminated the problem forever.

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 The most comprehensive and effective method for overcoming depression

How do you want to be within two months?

stopdepresion como salir de una depresion

Do you want to get rid of your horrible symptoms? You can do it, in fact I am sure. Believe in yourself! Do you not think you should give it a try? You have before you an unique opportunity in life? What will you do? Are you going to continue in the same path, or are you going to heal yourself once and for all?

Let me change your life. Let me help you overcome your depression forever. I can assure you that this book is your solution. Please do not leave this website only to doubt your decision later on. That is one of the reasons why many people do not achieve their objectives. Life is too short to waste time with doubts of whether or not you should do something that could cure you.
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You will be surprised when you discover
the real reason why I had depression!

Recent studies demonstrate that the higher incidence of depression may be due to the influence on the hormonal system and, above all, its connection with the so called neurotransmitters.
They are chemicals which act as messengers between brain cells, and whose equilibrium depends on the mood. The brain deploys a multitude of these substances in order to carry out cognitive tasks. According to their influence we can feel happy, serene, attentive, relaxed, dynamic, motivated, sad, dispirited or depressed.

In crucial moments, this flow influences the human being’s reaction to a vital circumstance, in order to confront it with pain, alertness, strength, weakness, distress, anxiety, stress and/or depression.

The most positively and negatively involved in depression are: 

  • Dopamine, which creates a search for pleasure and emotions, as well as a state of alert. It also creates sexual desire. On the other hand, when its release is disturbed, discouragement and depression may appear.
  • Norepinephrine, which is responsible for the attention, learning, sociability, sensitivity to emotional cues, and sexual desire. Conversely, when its release is disturbed, demotivation, depression, loss of libido, and self-seclusion may appear.
  • Gamma-amino butyric acid or GABA, which is the most widespread neurotransmitter in the brain. GABA aythorizes the control of the systems. Its presence produces relaxation. When this neurotransmitter’s levels are low, there is difficulty sleeping and anxiety appears.
  • Adrenaline, which is a neurotransmitter that allows us to react in stressful situations. High levels of adrenaline in the blood lead to fatigue, lack of attention, insomnia, anxiety and, in some cases, depression.

Effects on the mood

The high or low levels of neurotransmitters have a remarkable influence on mental functions, behavior and mood.

  • High levels of serotonin produce calm, patience, self-control, sociability, adaptability and stable mood. Low levels produce hyperactivity, aggressiveness, impulsivity, mood disorders, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, depression, migraine, dependency (drugs, alcohol) and bulimia.
  • High levels of dopamine are associated with good humor, spirit of initiative, motivation, and sexual desire. Low levels produce depression, hyperactivity, lack of motivation, indecisiveness, and decreased libido.
  • High levels of adrenaline lead to alertness. Low levels lead to decay and depression.
  • High levels of norepinephrine produce good memory, vigilance, and sexual desire. Low levels cause lack of attention, poor concentration and memory, depression, and decreased libido.
  • High levels of GABA improve relaxation, calm, sleep and memory. Low levels produce anxiety, mania and panic attacks.
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Well, I am going to show you two ways (one is manual and the other is automatic) to balance the neurotransmitters, including simple guidelines and tricks you will need to do every day, but you can do while you drive or at work, for they do not require your full attention. These methods are not widely used, in fact only about 2% of the population know and use them.

Many people wonder why they are suffering so much from depression. However there are people who easily overcome depression, and they are not smarter, but they took advantage of the opportunity and changed their destiny. I am sure that you realized the opportunity that is presented here, so take advantage of it and change your life forever..

I tried everything until I finally discovered the secret to overcome my depression.

Do you want to discover how? I will explain in a very simple, effective and direct way.

You are not sick,
You just have negative feelings! Nobody has ever died because of negative feelings

Stop Depression is a book written from the heart, which will show you how to:

  • Think for yourself, feel and do what your inner self asks you to do.
  • Believe in your dreams and strive to achieve them without fear of failure.
  • Never be afraid to change, and see every opportunity as a way to improve and experiment.
  • Trust in yourself and those feelings of happiness that you have forgotten.
  • Be yourself an take the necessary decisions to rewrite your destiny.
como salir de una depresion stopdepresion

As soon as you place your order, you will receive your password for accessing the download area.
I hope to receive an email from you as soon as possible, describing your experience with Stop Depression. I would love to hear your story!
The book was written in a very simple and straightforward way, but if you have any questions, please remember that you can contact me by email.
You too can enjoy life and overcome depression like me and many people have with the help of this method.

It is up to you to take the next step.

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What are you going to get after buying stop depression?

como superar la depresion libroThis book is changing the lives of hundreds of people. This book will help you to overcome your depression in no time. Believe it!

Stop Depression is extremely straightforward.
  • Stop Depression is not another book with lots of pages filled with false and evasive content. In fact, it is quite the opposite!. It is direct and clear.
  • I do not provide evasise or unclear content in my book. I go straight to the point, explain my experience and what you should do with no complications, quickly and easily.

Trust me and my book will teach you how to:

  • Manage your thoughts through your feelings. You will be able to get back to the real world where you used to live.
  • Never need to seek answers elsewhere, for you will be the one that will find them, and you will often give those answers to other people.
  • Enjoy every single day in a world that was unknown to you until just now. You will want to go out, as well as see, do and discover things that used to make you feel bad.
  • Get out of your current state and have no more setbacks. You will know how to say no to any negativity.
  • Feel all the sensations and feelings that you used to feel. Fear, loneliness, sadness and frustration will disappear forever and replaced by positive feelings, for you will train your mind to do so.
  • Never think about what you do not want to think.
  • Learn how to enhance the best of yourself and reach your goals more easily.

If you decide to buy my book today, you will receive these materials, COMPLETELY FREE!:

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Relaxation is an activity that helps us enjoy more and better of our daily lives.
The pace of modern life makes us live with nerves, stress, rush, negative thoughts, oppression, and this accumulates in the body until one day it explodes, which is exactly when we can no longer take it and we start thinking about changing our life in order to have some peace of mind at least.

Why do you not learn ways to help you carry your everyday more healthily instead of waiting for the unavoidable?
Why do you not spend a few minutes a day doing an activity that makes you feel better?

On the CD you will find a relaxation method that will help you to reobtain optimum health levels.
You can learn how to relax quietly at home with this CD.
By implementing a few simple steps while listening to the audio tracks you will be able to let go of everything that you care for and relieve your tensions.

If you practise this simple relaxation exercise every day, you will also obtain other benefits:

  • Decreased stress and increased vitality.
  • Decreased blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Slowed breathing.
  • Decreased muscle tension.
  • Decreased amount of blood lactate (this is one of the anxiety instigators).
  • Increased alpha brain frequencies (which correspond to relaxed states).


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Do you watch television until late night hours, waiting to fall asleep?
Do the pills make you sleep on some nights but not on others?
Do you sleep but wake up several times throughout the night…? Do you ever truly sleep?
Do not worry, you are one step away from regaining your ability to sleep normally again.
I am sure that you already had an experience of waking up up in the middle of a night, feeling completely rested after a few hours of sleep, and I am also sure you sometimes feel even better when you are able to sleep all night. However, then you go to bed and wake up in the morning feeling completely groggy and not wanting to get out of it.
Why do you feel rested with just a few hours of sleep but feel so tired with more hours of sleep? IIs it related to the “sleep cycles?” Well, once you understand what is going on you will be able to develop a method that will make you sleep and wake up in the morning feeling completely rested.
With a small headset in your ears, put the CD in place with low volume, and within minutes your mental activity will gently slow down, falling into the deepest levels of sleep shortly afterwards.
Over time, you will not need the CD, rather occasionally in order to reinforce, or in very stressful times.
Start enjoying your daily life, sleeping well at night and waking up with joy, helped by proven technology in laboratories and hospitals worldwide.


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Positive messages are phrases that target deep mental levels, and are used to reprogram the structure of thought.
When your subconscious is programmed in a positive way, your life gets positive results. However, if you are full of fear, anxiety, pain and other limitations, your life will get negative results.
The results are miraculous when a statement is properly implanted in the subconscious, and although it does not manifest itself immediately, the results gradually appear over time.
Is it prejudicial to listen to positive phrases in audio files?
Some people feel resentment about the idea of reprogramming the mind, but subliminal messages are the most effective way of changing the line of thought that one needs.
The way we think is what makes us different from each other. Two people may experience depression, but one may overcome it faster than the other. Why?
Studies say that people with negative thoughts usually take longer to heal depression than with positive thoughts.
In this CD you will find soothing sounds of ocean waves with positive statements that can combat depression starting from the subconscious levels.
Under the soothing sounds, in a frequency that is inaudible to the conscious mind, are engraved the phrases with which you can modify the content of your subconscious mind.
This exercise can be played at any time or place and as many times a day as you want, for the more times you listen to it the more you will be able to combat depression.
You can listen to it at any time or place, for example, while driving or in situations where you have to be on alert (you can watch television, walk, work, or read while you listen to it).


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Most people live in a hurry and do not appreciate the small wonders that surround them. The song of a bird, the sound of wind, or the sound of waves. Those little things that are provided by nature. If you stop to pay attention to nature, you will discover how wonderful and useful it can be.

The sounds of nature provide a sense of peace and tranquility that helps us feel good, relaxed and disconnected from all the stress we endure on a daily base.

In this CD you will find an audio track that is useful to get a sense of inner peace. You will fall into a state of deep relaxation by listening to it. It will also help you fall asleep, and enter into the real world through a natural and truthful way.


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Free Consultations for Everyone Who Buys The Stop Depression Book.
You are not alone. The Stop Depression Method is very easy to follow, but if you have any questions or just want to share your experiences, please send me an email and I will answer to it as soon as possible.

This is not all

I am sure that this method will work for you, so if you do not overcome your depression within two months, I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

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The most complete and effective method that you will find on the internet.
You have an unique and limited opportunity.

Although I am providing Stop Depression at a $49,95 price, this price will only be available for a limited number of people, and then the official $149,95 price will be applied.


How much would you pay for having the life you deserve?
You have to make a decision now!

Ruben, I do not want to waste more time. Shall we start?

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(That is less than the cost of a psychiatrist session!)


Download a sample chapter.
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 anita Ana (Author’s Partner)
26 years old

“I did not want to write because I do not like to remember those feelings of anxiety I used to feel every time I came home after spending the day with my boyfriend…” Continue reading…

 sil_m1 Guadalupe
27 years old

“Since discovering the Stop Depression book I see my future with joy and do not focus my attention on negative things. Now I am enjoying life with my husband.”

 sil_h1 Peter
32 years old
New York

“I am feeling a little better, at least I am starting to see things more clearly. The text is very influential and truthful. I am now able to sleep much better at night.”

 sil_m5 Evelyn
32 years old
San Cristobal

“I no longer take pills! My life has changed completely since I read Stop Depression book. My depression is far gone, thanks to Stop Depression.”

 sil_m1 Rose
34 years old

“I had many terrible days crying my heart out at home, which was the only place where I wanted to be. I found your website and felt curious, and at that exact moment I bought your book and started reading it. I started to feel a great inner strength, as if I could do anything in this world.”

A donation for each book will
go to Médecins Sans Frontières.

If you do not overcome your depression within
2 months, I will give you your money back.

 sil_m3 Dessy
34 years old
San Jose
(Costa Rica)

“This book has helped me very much. Nowadays I enjoy my daily life and know how to focus my attention on positive thoughts instead of negative ones.”

 sil_h3 Kevin
38 years old
Los Angeles

“Your book has helped me quite a lot. I had a very strong depression for several years, so being finally able to think positively and have a healthy life is somewhat impressive. With the help of your book and its exercises I have changed my life.”

sil_m4 Sandra
27 years old

“I wish I had found this method years ago. Stop Depression gave me the confidence and the skills to overcome my depression. I hope that all people who are suffering with depression find your book someday.”

 sil_h5 Mario
36 years old

“When I read Stop Depression I was in a very bad condition. The book gave me hope and faith, and after a few months I saw wonderful results in me, which is something that I am deeply grateful for.”

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